Skinnerbek razzles in Korsten and Summerstrand

EXQUISITE, succulent fare, stylish guests in gowns and graceful getup, plenty of boogie woogie and the Bala Brothers to boot – what more could a Gossip Girl want? And all in the good name of The Herald Christmas Cheer fund at   the  ultra-elegant Christmas in June event – plus fun, fun, fun at the Godfather with Liquideep.
The Bala bro’s raised the roof of the Radisson Blu with their mesmerising songs. Skinnerbek loves these boys – and so does everyone else judging by the way they queued up to take happy snaps and grab an autograph (just for their kids, of course!)
The five-star meal was a king’s feast (and a veritable feat considering there were 180 guests). Tantalising oak-smoked duck breast with hoisin sauce to start, a main of tender, slow-roasted lamb shank with baby veggies and herbed mashed potato, and a Lindt chocolate soup, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate biscotti as the grand, rich finale.
Emfuleni Resorts chairman, the ever stylish Bongi Siwisa – decked out beautifully in a red velvet number – and beaming business face-about-town Khusta Jack (wearing a “BEE” long collared shirt) took to the dance floor and showed the still rather stiff crowd the true meaning of the word boogie.
But it was Club 100’s Michelle Brown who was the one to really get everyone to don their dancing shoes and lead the crowd in a regular hokey pokey line dance.
And come on Brian Dowley – you in the important Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber president’s seat. Skinnerbek wants to see you jiving next time like the Ironman we all know you are.
But hey, beautiful peeps – what’s the name of this event again? Christmas in June, right? And just remind me – Christmas is about? You got it! Giving – and not so much taking.
So Skinnerbek felt a little uncomfortable about extravagant gifts being lavished on well-heeled guests who can actually afford weekend getaways to exotic lodges, expensive designer threads and slap up dinners, which is what they were showered with.
But well done to the VW table, which decided to auction off their gift of a donated R18000 bracelet. Only trouble is, it fetched a measly R8000. That sucks a little in terms of a good return – especially when you think how that extra ten grand could have been spent.
On to another grand occasion. When word got out that SA singing sensation Liquideep was  in town, Skinnerbek knew what to do. Be there! So off to The Godfather Supreme nightclub where the queue was so long it stretched further than the eye could see.
And the duo certainly did not disappoint – the performance was electrifying! Fans danced, clapped and sang to the beats of hits like Fairytale, Settle for Less and Alone.
Eyes ever peeled, Skinnerbek spotted metro communications supremo (a worthy skinner boykie in his own right) Roland Williams – but he only arrived way after the performance was over. Those budget blues do require some midnight oil, Skinnerbek can only guess.
Also spotted in the crowd were Bay beauties and former Miss PE finalists Bernadene Freeman and Candice Hart. You both are looking as lovely as ever ladies! Till next time …

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