Boost for babies

Don’t miss La Femme this week to read about the abandoned babies at Forest Hill’s Ithemba Lam, who are receiving a loving boost from the women in Port Elizabeth’s Early Childhood Business Forum.

The group, led by Laura Combrink, meets twice a month and one of their projects this year is to help Ithemba Lam baby home which provides a safe haven for abandoned or neglected infants in the metro.

The ECBF consists of: teacher Combrink who owns a Tina Cowley reading centre franchise and is a school readiness assessor; Vicki Huter, a biokinethetist, Kinetic Kidz owner and  instructor; chiropractor Terri Blake; Lynette van Wyk, Toddler’s Workshop owner, Baby Gym instructor and  evergreen parenting facilitator; Lorraine Greyling, a therapeutic and paediatric reflexologist and massage therapist;  Kick CEO Lauren Stretch, early childhood development specialist and Early  Inspiration owner; behavioural optometrist Martelie Stols; Nadia Sparks, Essence of Beauty wellness clinic owner and beauty therapist; occupational terapist Magdaleen Stadler; Victory Kids principal Zeidie Stols, and play therapist Adele Voges.

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