We wear what we like, say SlutWalkers

WOMEN wearing clothing ranging from bra tops to burkas are on the march in “SlutWalks” around the world, with one in London attracting a crowd of 5 000 marchers earlier this month.
The SlutWalk movement started earlier this year when a Canadian police constable, Michael Sanguinetti, told a class of law students in Toronto that “women should avoid dressing likes sluts in order not to be victimised”.
The students were so incensed that they organised the first SlutWalk. Only 300 people were expected at the march in April – but more than 3,000 turned up.
Since then there have been SlutWalks across the world, from Australia and Brazil to India and the London march, at the beginning of June, has been the largest so far.
The women who take part wear either ordinary clothing or more provocative gear, protesting against the belief that any aspect of a woman’s appearance might explain or excuse rape.
Organisers say a culture which puts the blame for rape and sexual assault on to the victim makes women less likely to report rape and contributes to low conviction rates for those accused of rape and sexual assault.

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