Skinnerbek has a zesty time

WHAT a week! What with all the voting and some politicians fanning flames (nudge, nudge, wink, wink – thank goodness there wasn’t a real fire licking at Skinnerbek’s Jimmy Choos!); your gallivanting gossip had loads on her plate.
Your sista was hugely impressed to see so many peeps queueing up to cast their ballot, but darn! That ink on the thumb just didn’t go with her midnight red nail polish – can’t they offer a range of shades next  time?
But talking of “hotspots” (apart from City Hall), Skinnerbek  knew she had to make her way to where the fun was all happening, especially since drop dead gorgeous blonde bombshell Tracy McGregor jetted into town to officially open the new “it” place to be.
So off the sistas sauntered to the trendy Zest Urban Cafe where the music was a-pumpin’, champagne corks a-poppin’ and cocktails a-flowin’ all night long.
And boy oh boy, it was not just any bubbles in those bottles … Oh no! … with McGregor in town, it was the corks of R400 bottles of Moët that were like shooting stars in the air.
The owners of the ZZ group certainly did not disappoint during this bubbly occasion.  and judging by the looks of the place, Zest will soon be pulling them in.
Located at the Times Square centre in Walmer, Zest can accommodate 250 peeps and boasts a unique 360-degree bar, a wrap-around covered and open-air outdoor terrace, lounges and a state-of-the-art sound system.
Inside, décor and interior draw on classic and ultra-modern design conventions and movements, and feature monochromatic light earth-toned colours, stainless steel and glass finishes. Wooah! Is Skinnerbek sounding like an interior designa or what!
 But enough of the decor, Skinnerbek kept a close eye on McGregor who seemed to have the undivided attention of every male – and come to think of it, most of the females – in the room.
We can only guess that some of the sistas secretly wished they looked as stunning as McGregor did in her leopard print boob tube dress.

She laughed and smiled gracefully as she was pulled in all directions to take photographs.

But Skinnerbek’s jaw dropped to the floor when a short, grey-haired fellow – definitely old enough to be your Gossip Girl’s grandpa – told McGregor kitted out in her leopard print boob tube dress,  how much he admired her and her work. With Skinnerbek’s ear always to the ground we even heard him tell McGregor:  “Don’t stand so close darling, I have a pacemaker”. Skinnerbek hopes this was the alcohol talking grandpa!

Skinnerbek certainly only had good notes to make about McGregor. Throughout the entire evening she was effervescent and friendly as she worked the room and had a genuine good time in true ZZ style. Come back soon Trace, The Face!


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