Skinnerbek’s birthday bashes

WHO needs Kenny Kunene and ZAR  in PE  when we have Ben Nyaumwe and Cubana? Cabaret, comedy, a fun run and the birthdays of two of the city’s movers and shakers filled Skinnerbek’s diary this past week – but the place to be was the beachfront bar and Latino cafe that saw  an immense party where French champagne corks popped, beautiful people bopped and fireworks fizzed.
Skinnerbek has had a busy week with both Nelson Mandela stadium marketing manager Buli G and property mogul Ben Nyaumwe celebrating their birthdays.
First off, Buli held an intimate dinner at the exclusive PE St George’s Club where  chef friend (and tennis coach) Detlef Weber orchestrated a three-course gourmet meal before the party people razzled off the calories with a bit of booty shaking in the once-staid bar.
And, wow, were there calories to shed because the diva is the metro’s Lindt chocolate ambassador  –  now that, peeps, is a job that Skinnerbek would kill for!
Ben and Twiggy Nyaumwe – Twiggy elegant as ever –  were there and then Buli returned the favour by MC’ing their gig on Saturday night.
Politics, sport, beauty and business truly glammed up for the Cuban theme. Outgoing Percci head Alfred da Costa paid tribute to the birthday boy; Ken Denton and his partner Nyameka were seen smooching on the dance floor, former mayor Nceba Faku and his wife Unathi cosied up on the plush sofas .. and there’s more, but we mustn’t tell tales out of school!
As Big Ben stuck midnight – his birthday was actually on Sunday – satin-clad Twiggy led toasts of Moët et Chandon as  fireworks lit up the sky over King’s Beach.
Even the torrential rain could not dampen the party people’s spirits, and DJ Crazy White Boy had the crowd razzling with their hit  Love You Better until late, late, late.
Who needs sushi? Who needs naked models? A team from Top Billing captured all the special moments, so you can be a fly on the party wall in the next couple of weeks.
But, as they say in those dreadful adverts, that’s not all: those delicious men Marc Lottering and Emo Adams also called for Skinnerbek’s attention.
In fact, energetic Emo lit up Uitenhage so much on Friday night that a few of his hand-clapping, foot-stompin’ fans came back for a second helping on Monday. I’m not surprised, he had me eating out of his hand at the Barkly Theatre cabaret, a real laugh a minute and what a gorgeous voice.
As for Marc … now there’s a man after my own heart: “Nobody skinners quite like us. We will be talking about you, looking at you, but we will be speaking in a way you won’t understand.We mustn’t stop skinnering.”
And so that’s just what he did, shame, even Zille and the ANC don’t escape his wicked wit.
But what gal doesn’t love a man who can make her laugh? Might have to fight for the hair styling gear though, in the bathroom each the morning!
Then, just in case you think it’s party, party, party for this girl, Skinnerbek tossed the heels and pulled on designer takkies for the Spar Ladies Race in that nasty weather on Saturday.
Although TV presenter Jeannie D did not want to muss that magnificent hair by actually running, she did set us off along Marine Drive and Skinnerbek was among the 10000 green goddesses who were hot to trot.
Funny, although we saw her that morning, and we saw her crew that night, we didn’t spot Jeannie herself at Ben’s party. You missed out, big time, doll!
Eish, what a hectic weekend – simply have to rest before that big music fest at the stadium this Saturday – catch you there peeps!


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