Skinnerbek shares the Bay buzz

EISH! Skinnerbek makes a not too discreet entrance today – but your soon to be favourite columnist (lol!) is not the only one who knows how to preen and be seen. Peeps, I tell you – there’s a lot more biz and buzz in the Bay at the moment than an overturned beehive.
One of the Bay’s most high profile and newly eligible bachelors has been spotted on the prowl at popular nightspot Finnezz by Skinnerbek.
Metro communications chief Roland Williams caught some glances while out with one of his pretty female colleagues who works for the metro’s Ubuntu publication, sipping cocktails after work – on a week night nogal!
Skinnerbek understands Williams is doing some serious socialising after splitting from his wife in 2009 and sources have confirmed that co-workers have been on the receiving end of similar invitations from the metro’s smooth operator.
Although Williams told a colleague of Skinnerbek just before Valentine’s Day  there was a glimmer of romance in the air with a new lady friend in Durban, he did make it clear he was currently a single gent. But Williams was not off the clock and also squeezed in time to chat to acting municipal manager Elias Ntoba whose temporary home is not far from Finnezz at Cascades Boutique Hotel.
Mr Charm also managed to do some public relations work, buying a group of reporters who had gathered after work some Liquid Cocaine cocktails – that’s what you call good public relations.
Not to be outdone by City Hall’s lover boy, the son of 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa chief executive Danny Jordaan, Mikhail, treated revellers (including Skinnerbek) at Central’s newest nightclub, DnE, to his own fantastic emcee skills this past weekend.
The former Theodor Herzl pupil, who has really big hair – sporting one of the biggest afros ever seen in the city – impressed partygoers with his performance in the early hours of Saturday morning. The crowd especially enjoyed his rendition to the electro-house number What the f***. We wonder if his daddy has heard it yet?
Skinnerbek has learnt the Reverend Xolani “Umfundisi” Tengo will have a traditional ceremony this weekend called Ukuvulwa kwenkundla.
Tengo has sent almost everyone in town  invitations asking them to wear traditional attire for the event – but he omitted to include his home address! Mmmmm… Skinnerbek wonders if this is because the reverend tells everyone he lives in the suburbs when in actual fact he lives in one of the oldest hostels in the Bay, Matthew Goniwe Hostel or Kwandokwenza Hostel as it is well known. Tengo posted the invitation on Facebook with only a telephone number of a person to contact if someone needs directions.
Skinnerbek hopes there is enough meat and liquid refreshment ’cos mention of the Rev in next week’s column would be a case of serious overexposure! But good to see, Rev, that you are back in great health after a recent illness.
Also spotted at Parliament Street in the early hours of Sunday morning was the man who had one of the most expensive weddings ever held in the Bay, Mazizi Msutu. While his marriage with Eastern Cape beauty queen Thato Ntsondwa  lasted less than a year and wedding nuptials with longtime Zulu girlfriend were celebrated in Johannesburg in 2009, Msutu, it seems, remains pure magnetism personified.
He was first spotted at Chief Nkqoko’s place in New Brighton on Saturday sipping on expensive Scotch whisky with two female companions, one of whom was overheard telling him she has a beautiful body (super modest, hey?) and that not having kids had contributed handsomely to this happy and perkily firm state of affairs.
Mazizi, decked out in blue shirt, grey jeans and snazzy black and white crocodile boots, was later spotted in his LUV with a different woman in Parliament Street in the early hours of Sunday, playing his music very loud with his lively passenger dancing on the open top for everyone to see.
Skinnerbek wonders where his wife was at the time? See you back here next week – or somewhere saucily scintillating during the week!


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