Take action against corruption

I WRITE this open letter to our Eastern Cape premier as he delivers the state of the province address today. He is fortunately the leader of our ANC in the province.

My focus is mostly on developments in Buffalo City Metropolitan and Mnquma Local municipalities, which are an insult to us, the ANC and voters.

We as ANC leaders and members need to be open and have no fears, only wanting to save the ANC from its own.

What we are observing in the Buffalo City metro and Mnquma mostly is a shame. When bulls fight, it’s the grass that suffers most.

I believe that central to any revolution is the existence of a politically grounded and disciplined cadreship that is capable of defending and advancing the revolution.

Issues of political discipline within the movement are central to the success of our revolution. We must collectively note the disturbing emergence of alien tendencies that undermine the political cohesion and unity of the ANC.

Many of our gatherings as the ANC have been turned into battlegrounds where differences are no longer resolved through political engagements, but through anarchy, and complete disregard and disrespect of critical forums of the organisation.

Disruptive tendencies are manifest that narrow the political space for discussion and inhibit the organisation taking proper decisions.

There is patronage, factionalism, gatekeeping, crippling ill-discipline and narrow agendas that seek to co-opt members into anti-ANC programmes.

I therefore appeal to the Eastern Cape ANC provincial chairperson and our premier to reflect on this and find solutions that can then be communicated to branches and wards.

The time to roll out the red carpet for the mediocre is gone.

I also call on the ANC and the premier to look deeply at our provincial officials such as heads of our departments, chief executives of our dysfunctional state-owed enterprises and useless municipal managers who are lazy and good at looting.

Those officials are using our state machinery to advance their selfish interests and some are used by certain selfish politicians as their puppets and financial machines to fund these alien tendencies we are observing that are seeking to undermine our hard-earned democracy.

This province needs to be deeply assessed by the premier or history will judge him harshly as some already regard him as lenient and silent.

These officials are acting as gods and mafias, and we know their semi-political bosses will soon be exposed by coming conferences.

I am calling for unity, but corruption and theft has no room in the ANC and in our province.

Corruption is an insult to the legends such as Oliver Tambo, Nelson Mandela, Alcott Gwentshe, Nomatshaka Mgabela, Hubert Majombozi, Walter Max Ulyate Sisulu, Adelaide Tambo, Thozamile Gqwetha, Chris Hani, Steve Tshwete, Oscar Mpetha, Alfred Baphethuxolo Nzo, Albertina Sisulu, Ncumisa Nkondlo, Vuyisile Mini, Govan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlaba and many fallen heroes and heroines of this province.

Premier, please protect the legacy of these legends by restoring the dignity of this province, rooting out corruption, and show door to thieves with no fear or favour.

Viwe Sidali, ANC member, Mzwanele Fazzie branch executive committee and former ANCYL regional executive committee member, Duncan Village, East London

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