Traffic cops must be seen

I travel every day of the week from Summerstrand on the M4 freeway onto the N2 towards Swartkops. Not on any one day do you see a traffic policeman in this area.

The taxis and members of the public are totally disregarding the traffic laws.

Cars approach crossing the solid barrier line to pass other cars, not worrying about the oncoming traffic.

Nobody seems to care whether they cross a robot through a red light or do not stop at a stop sign.

Where are the days that motorists were aware of our traffic enforcement officers, who would make sure that motorists would not dare travel over a solid barrier line or not stop at a stop sign?

We would not even dare cross a robot when red – we stopped on the amber light immediately.

No wonder we are experiencing all the collisions and unnecessary road deaths.

My recommendation would be to fire all the existing officers and employ new people who are able to do the work properly.

Let us again be aware and be scared to be pulled over. Why is it in the United States that the motorist is dead-scared of a traffic officer?

This is because they are seen everywhere. You don’t travel on roads where these officers are not seen.

Let us clean up this city with all our roadhogs. Billy Martin, Summerstrand, PE

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