Machines! Or should that be Applications, computer applications; sometimes they are good and sometimes they are just bad!! After labouring for close on an hour on an update of my blog using the new blog set up, I learn that I’d been wasting my time cause I did not press the SAVE button! It’s all gone!

Now, hold up a minute there Mister! These things are supposed to auto-save for Pete’s sake!

And then I learn that apparrently, not this one!

Why not, I asked. Why?

“You’ve got to save all the time. You can’t live the blog and go do something else. Otherwise it will log you out” came the explanation.

Yeah, whatever………. All I know is, I ain’t going back to writing what I’d written already cause I’ve lost the drive! Ok.

T’was about my loss of junk mail, and the craving for it I’ve since developed – in tribute to Steve Jobs and his kin….

Maybe next time.



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