More jobless in Southern Africa than in war zones

Five countries in Southern Africa have higher unemployment rates than countries at war such as Iraq‚ Yemen and Libya.

All five Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) member countries – Botswana‚ Lesotho‚ Namibia‚ South Africa and Swaziland – are in the top 20 countries in the world for their high unemployment rates.

This is according to economist Mike Schussler‚ who presented the 16th UASA South African Employment Report in Johannesburg yesterday.

He said unemployment had been a crisis in South Africa for more than two decades‚ and that no other country in the biggest 100 economies in the world has had more than two decades of unemployment above 20% constantly.

The expanded definition of unemployment is near its record high, with 9.4 million people who want a job.

This is up from 5.2 million in the early 2000s. This rate has been mostly over 30% and is now close to 36.8%.

“Last year, the unemployment rate for the whole of Southern Africa was estimated to be 25.6%‚ but that included Zimbabwe, which claims to have an unemployment rate of only 5.1% and Zambia at 7.6%,” Schussler said.

“If unemployment in Zimbabwe were measured correctly‚ I am sure the number would be well over 28%. Even war zones have had lower unemployment rates.” – TimesLIVE

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