Tainted chicken muck piling up

Tons of chicken muck contaminated with a banned insecticide are piling up at hundreds of poultry farms in the Netherlands hit by a tainted-egg crisis.

“Poultry farmers, already on the edge of a financial abyss, do not have any way of getting rid of the contaminated manure,” Dutch Poultry Farmers’ Association president Hennie de Haan said yesterday.

More than two months after the tainted-egg crisis began and officials closed down poultry farms where the banned substance, fipronil, had been found in eggs, farmers are still waiting to get rid of the chicken muck.

It is a misery as the manure must be burnt by two specialised businesses, which have been overwhelmed.

“It is becoming unmanageable. Farmers are on the edge of bankruptcy and without aid, feel they have been abandoned,” De Haan said.

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