SANRAL gets dragged in epic Twitter ad fail

Only on SA Twitter could an innocuous advert by the country’s national roads agency result in one of the biggest social media draggings of the year.

At 10am on Sunday‚ the South African National Roads Agency Limited – better known as “SANRAL”‚ or those-guys-who-brought-us-e-tolls – tweeted out a promoted ad: “We just can’t contain ourselves – check back tomorrow for something new! ;)”

The twittersphere reaction was swift and brutal.

By Sunday night the tweet had 116 likes and been retweeted 31 times. But it was in the 58 (and counting) comments that the dragging was at its finest.

“If this is not about you scrapping the e-tolls then GTFH‚” said @DjLinda. GTFO is Internet slang for “Go The F*** Home”‚ if you believe

And it didn’t stop there. @DashStevens wrote: “The only good news would be you’re closing your doors forever‚” while @henniemartens chirped in: “Stop wasting taxpayers’ money on stupid advertising! We don’t that you open more tollgates to penalise us!”

@Morema1 also jumped in and had a go at the controversial tolling system: “What’s happening tomorrow? Are you planning on e-tolling gravel roads?” Another user‚ @oork75‚ suggested SANRAL might go one step further: ” Sidewalk e-toll? Would not be surprised.”

And @VinPixel summed it up quite nicely: “Ftsek!”

But it was @KingWotanZA who hit the nail on the head: “All the abuse you’re getting on this tweet is genuinely satisfying to me.”

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