Prepare for those fuel hikes with new online tool

WITH the fluctuation in the fuel price, one need not use a crystal ball to find out how much a tank of petrol will cost, when working out your monthly budget.

An online tool was launched last week by Drive South Africa for motorists to work out exactly how a fuel price hike or drop will affect their wallets.

The monthly fuel cost calculator is a web-based app that works out precisely how much you are going to spend on fuel during the month.

The total monthly fuel spend is based on the current fuel price as updated by South Africa’s Department of Energy on the first Wednesday of every month.

The tool offers four ways to calculate monthly fuel spend, said Drive South Africa’s Digital head Renier van Schalkwyk.

“People think differently about the way they use fuel,” he said.

“Some think about how many kilometres they’ve driven, others how much money they’ve spent, how many times they’ve filled up their tank this month, or how many litres they’ve used. So we decided to build the tool so everyone could use it.”

Van Schalkwyk said the idea of the calculator came about when the company wanted to find a way to help its long-term car rental clients calculate their monthly fuel cost.

“It was only when a few of our internal team members started using the calculator for their personal month-to-month budgeting that we realised that every motorist could benefit from the fuel cost calculator,” Van Schalkwyk said.

-Business Reporter 

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