U’hage waste site expands services

SAFE RECYCLING: Llewellyn Scheepers shreds a fluorescent tube at Uitenhage's Oricol plant. Picture: FREDLIN ADRIAAN
SAFE RECYCLING: Llewellyn Scheepers shreds a fluorescent tube at Uitenhage’s Oricol plant. Picture: FREDLIN ADRIAAN

HANDBAGS, cabbages and tyres are some of the items recycled at waste management site Oricol Environmental Services in Uitenhage.

The company officially opened its second Eastern Cape waste management site in Uitenhage’s industrial area this week, although the site had been operating for the past four years as a treatment facility.

Oricol regional manager Greg Paterson said only specific services were initially offered at the facility, focusing on liquid waste, but that the site was this week officially introduced to clients as it now offered all the services Oricol provided.

“We progressed from the liquid treatment plant to composting, shredding sensitive goods and food waste, recycling electronic waste and bailing.

“At present we are shredding clothes and handbags that were seized by the South African Revenue Services due to illegal activities.”

Oricol’s key focus was the diversion of waste from landfills, by making use of technical innovations and having excellent health and safety operations and standards.

Paterson said many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the province made use of the company’s services for eco-friendly recycling, as did several food manufacturers and distributors to safely dispose of expired foodstuffs.

“We shred chicken, expired chocolates … anything you can think of. By making use of us, the danger of the food ending up being consumed on landfills is avoided.

“The recoverable packaging, like bottles or plastic containers, is recycled and the food is composted.”

Oricol also operates from Neave Township in Port Elizabeth, as well as in Johannesburg and Durban.

It services to industrial, commercial and government clients include collection and transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, recycling, high-pressure cleaning, hazardous and liquid waste treatment, and on-site separation and cleaning.

Oricol chief executive Richard Sanders said a state-of-the- art fluorescent tube shredder had been installed at the Uitenhage site, which crushed the tubes in a safe and environmentally friendly manner with only a 0.001% rate for mercury vapour emissions.

Sanders said Oricol was working closely with the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (Redisa) on its efforts to recycle tyres. Tyres were recycled through Oricol by selling them to brick-making factories or exporting the rubber as raw material, he said.

Oricol is the total waste management provider for Continental Tyre SA and the company has a facility site at the factory, where the rubber products are sorted and stored before being transported. – Cindy Preller


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