Sunter due in PE with new ‘roadmap’

Zandile Mbabela

WORLD renowned business author and strategic planner Clem Sunter will address Nelson Mandela Bay business leaders tomorrow on the different ways which the South African economy could go following the global recession in recent years.

Sunter, who has been a scenario planner for the past two decades, will present various projections for the global economy over the next five years, at The Herald business breakfast to be held at the Summerstrand Inn Hotel.

These projections can be used as a backdrop for economic possibilities and business strategies, he explained in a telephone interview.

“The first scenario is ‘Hard Times’, a flat-line future of minimal economic growth for the world,” he explained.

“In the ‘hard times’ scenario, companies with intelligent strategies will continue to grow but companies with mediocre strategies will go to the wall.”

Sunter said one scenario, “the premier league”, could see South Africa “getting its ducks in a row” through inclusive leadership, while the “second division” scenario would see the country continuing in a state of uncertainty.

“We have three flags for deciding whether we are going back up into the middle of the premier league or sinking into the second division. Around inclusive leadership … [there are] pockets of excellence, of which this country has many examples… and the creation of a balanced economy.”

Best known for his much-quoted high road/ low road projection of how South Africa could emerge from apartheid, Sunter has given scenario planning talks the world over since the early eighties.

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