Advice on marketing businesses on Twitter

Marianna Boguslavsky

YOU know Twitter is truly global when the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode features one of the doctors tweeting while operating on a patient.

Twitter has revolutionised the way we engage with people online, the way we build our business networks and the endless brand building opportunities online via the platform.

For those who are still pretty new to Twitter, here are a few basics to get you started when creating a Twitter profile for your business:

  • Make sure your Twitter name is your exact business name or very close to it (many people search for business on Twitter so it increases your chances of getting more followers).

  • Make sure you create a branded Twitter background, as that is another tool to promote your product or your company. This means you will need to upload a high res image (a safe number is 1500 pixels x 1300 pixels). You can even upload a photo of your logo and tile it (for those who want to keep it simple).

  • Create a short bio as that allows you to give your followers a taste of what you are promoting. Decide on the tone right from the start.  If your tweets will be humorous, try to keep the same tone for your bio description.

  • Plan your content strategy in terms of your tweets. What are you trying to achieve? How can you achieve your 1) goal with your content? How will you provide value to your followers? How will you attract followers with your content? You need to consider all of these questions and compile a proper strategy.

  • Give yourself at least six months to build up a proper following. Do not be discouraged if by the end of  month three you only have 40 followers. It takes time, dedication and some pretty cool competition to attract followers. Try to promote your Twitter profile via your e-mail signature, newsletters, your Facebook fan page and on your website.
    I would advise those just starting out on Twitter to research some of your competitors’ Twitter profiles, especially the global ones, as they tend to use agencies that know how to create a successful Twitter profile with an innovative content strategy. Look, research and listen, then act.

Marianna Boguslavsky is an Online Marketing Consultant working and living in Cape Town. She specialises in the creation and implementation of social media strategies. Boguslavsky  travels to PE quite frequently. If you need any digital advice, contact her on Alternatively, follow her on Twitter:


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