A tale of three pregnant teenagers

I am 16 and I had an abortion

WHEN I found out I was pregnant I could not tell anybody. I was too scared. I did not think about it. All I wanted was to go to the clinic to have an abortion.
When they did the scan I turned my head away as I did not want to see. I did not think about what was happening. When they told me to wait, I was cramping but I did not allow myself to feel the pain. I just did what I was told. I was feeling ill, and vomited. They told me it would be sore. I could not think of the pain. Even when I left I did not ever want to think about it again.
I am a Christian. I do not believe in taking a life. But I could not give myself a chance to think about that. I just could not be pregnant. I had nobody who would help me. I did not even have anybody I could tell. I would have lost my boyfriend if I told him.
Sometimes I will see a baby on the street and I start to wonder, but I can never think of this again.
Now I look at the girls at school who are pregnant the one day and then not anymore. We look at each other and we know. But we will never say anything. We do not think anymore.
All I wanted was someone to love.

I was 17 when they turned me away from abortion clinic …

WHEN I realised I was pregnant I knew my aunt would be very angry. My parents passed away so she was the one looking after me.
I wanted to kill my boyfriend. I was furious at him.
For several days I would walk up to my aunt’s house and knock on the door. I wanted to tell her. But before she could answer the door I would run away. I went there so many times.
When she guessed, I had to move in with my boyfriend. She did not want me in the house anymore. I wanted an abortion. It took me a long time to get the R140 to get to the clinic.
When I arrived there I waited for a long time. When they finally did the scan they said it was too late to abort. They could not help me.
I prayed that day thanking God for saving my baby. My baby is my whole life now.

I am 17 and I had my baby …

WHEN I got pregnant and my mother found out, I said I wanted an abortion. She said: “No, he is your mistake and you must raise him.”
My boyfriend and I went for an HIV test, but we never used anything. We love each other.
We are still together but it is hard raising a child. I like my sleep. Now my mother throws water on my face to wake me up when the baby is crying.
I have left school. I hope I can find a job. Some days we still laugh, but the baby changed everything.

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