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South Africa hit 408-5, second highest World Cup total

South Africa made 408 for five against the West Indies on Friday, the second-highest World Cup total of all time. In the process, South Africa captain AB de Villiers smashed the second-fastest World Cup century off 52 balls in the Pool B game at the…

Bride & Groom Jan-Feb2015

        Tarren Kemp married Luther Arendse at African Skies in May. Picture: Yolande Bezuidenhout.  …

Bride & Groom – Jan-Feb

  Theanor Clivana Julius married Brent Grat Human at Running Waters in December. Picture: Laetitia…

  • User AvatarJohn Michael People don`t realise how big these seals get,i had a close encounter with one a few years back diving off Recife and put into perspective... – Selso makes new tracks from Bay
  • User AvatarJohn Michael That innings by the destroyer in chief in the last 10 overs was something else! and for once the bowlers came to the party especially... – South Africa hit 408-5, second highest World Cup total
  • User Avataralcan Is there no end to the devious ways of these scammers who prey on the old and needy? this new development is a blight on... – Many hit by Sassa scam
  • User AvatarJan Mr Mthubanzi Mniki please keep us posted on when the roundabout be operational again. We have paid our taxes for the upkeep of that equipment,... – Boy operated on after injury on broken park roundabout
  • User AvatarShane Dyaneli This story is giving hope to many who have lost babies. – Missing child found after 17 years
  • User AvatarGungetsTuft So long as the poor populace are sold on the concept of state handouts instead of being given the opportunity to find employment and earn... – Is toilet promise just a lot of hot air?
  • User AvatarGungetsTuft Biggest BS story I've ever heard - if this is the true reason, why are all the other sub-stations (many, far older) being placed at... – Hike ‘bright’ areas’ tariffs
  • User Avataroctavia Thank you for giving us load sheding schedule Can you send me via my email – NMB loadshedding schedules 23 February - 1 March 2015
  • User AvatarJudith Petrou Now the people must raise up the police officers and all who helped to bring about this arrest and detention of utter criminals. The best... – Details emerge of humewood hijacking, shootout
  • User AvatarJudith Petrou Gordon, I pray from very far away that the God that created us all and gave us stewardship over animals, will in the fullness of... – Brave rescue of burnt dogs
  • User AvatarJan What a perfect example of how incompetence and greed affect our personal safety and security. This government seems to be profuse consumers and disposers instead... – Roundabout breaks, injuring child’s foot
  • Couple married for 67 years passes away together holding hands

    Couple married for 67 years passes away together holding hands

    A California couple, married 67 years, died hours apart while holding hands this month, their daughter said. Floyd Hartwig, 90, and his wife Violet, 89, died on Thursday in their home in California, Yahoo News reports. The couple had known each other since they were children and…

    Couple married for 67 years passes away together holding hands
    SA doctors dismiss ‘selfie’ plastic surgery trend
    Missing child found after 17 years