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Valuable victory for Madibaz at Kovsies

Valuable victory for Madibaz at Kovsies

THE NMMU Madibaz bounced back from defeat last week with a comfortable 4-0 victory over Kovsies in Bloemfontein last night. It was a valuable three points on the road for the Eastern Cape side, who handed Kovsies their first defeat at home this season to…

Bride & Groom July – Sept 2014

      Natalie Murphy married Ryan Coetzer at Running Waters in March. Picture: Heather Stevens.…

  • User Avatardallas Oesterlein BS often baffels brains. it would appear that the people who have been let down continually by the ANC still vote for them amd to... – The state, not ANC, provides schools
  • User Avatardallas Oesterlein i hope this one goes to jail. i feel the husband should also be brought into this he must have been aware of what she... – Pankie Sizani's R1.2m fraud trial gets under way
  • User Avatardallas Oesterlein ok so now the badies only work within the working hours and they also take the weekend off. this should mean that there should also... – Office hours only for traffic cops
  • User Avataralcan Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Pankie Sizani's R1.2m fraud trial gets under way
  • User Avatardallas Oesterlein to strike is your want decent working conditions is also a right to dimiss people because of wanting to address their issues is wrong.... – Firing Generations actors a sign of 'arrogance': Union
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley They are all ROTTEN! They are stealing your money!WHY do you vote for them? – Pankie Sizani's R1.2m fraud trial gets under way
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley They all want to feed from the trough! WHY do you vote them in? – Mbambisa candidate rejected
  • User AvatarPine You know what you do is wrong, but still do it, do not cry when you get caught. if you feel that transporting narcotics is... – New bid to help drug mule 'Babsie' Nobanda
  • User AvatarPine It is funny how, in a country such as this, that the real and true racists are black. I see and experience it every day.... – NMMU race row over comments on 'talking walls'
  • User AvatarAntonella Oliver If the youth say that they believe in God and are christians...then why all the hate speech ?! They must be godless ! God is... – NMMU race row over comments on 'talking walls'
  • User Avataralcan Simply just not good enough,the so called "Kings" let the Province down badly,this will lead to diminishing gates and the whole thing will collapse again! – Going gets tougher as Lions maul Kings
  • Readers’ views via SMS

    Readers’ views via SMS

    CONTROVERSY OVER RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS UTTER balderdash is the only way to describe the attitude of Westering High’s SGB and the teachers. The EC Education Department should remove such archaic, racist zealots from the teaching profession before they do any further damage to the children of…