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McGregor hungry for Fish K1 win

TRIPLE world champion Hank McGregor has his sights firmly set on winning the Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon K1 title next month, a title that has somehow managed to elude the most successful river paddler South Africa has produced. McGregor will first have to fly…

Bride & Groom July – Sept 2014

            Natalie Murphy married Ryan Coetzer at Running Waters in March. Picture: Heather Stevens.…

  • User AvatarSteven I'm very glad you aren't a town planner Jannie! – Access across road still closed
  • User AvatarSteven Interesting how it is made clear that Muslims also believe in what S Dixon refers to as "the original scriptures", but carefully excludes the writings... – Don’t judge Islam by extremists
  • User AvatarLaughing "yourself" – Seaview lions bred for hunting parks - video
  • User AvatarJenny Warden I was at casualty on Tuesday afternoon, went home late that night un-attend to. i have a heart problem, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.... – Hospital’s casualty unit left almost unattended during meeting
  • User AvatarGordon Cowie Luke is still one of the top rugby players in the country and has been injured whilst playing for the Kings so I am sure... – Should Luke retire?
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley Read the last sentence! "They are out on bail". That means that they can carry on breaking into houses! Maybe your house? Why are n't... – Suspected robbers caught in the nick of time
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley Always money for Zuma's wives and his mansions but no money for Doctors for the people!But last May 62% of South Africans voted for the... – Hospital’s casualty unit left almost unattended during meeting
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley If they are anything like the traffic cops you will never see them! They will be invisible!What is so special about the Richmond Hill area?... – Metro police force budget falls short by almost R16m
  • User Avatardallas Oesterlein well done guys. i hope that their bail will now be resinded and they will stay in jail till the court case. DaLLAS – Suspected robbers caught in the nick of time
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley Good Luck to you Mamma! More and more people are feeling the BLUE revolution! If you don't want waste,incompetence, unqualified officials and corruption and you... – First SRC woman leader as Daso wins poll
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley I am thrilled!!!! Viva United Kingdom! The odious Alex Salmond can just now disappear! – Scotland votes 'no' to independence
  • EC is SA’s most murderous province

    VIOLENT crime in the Eastern Cape is on the rise with 201 such crimes committed every day and at least nine murders every 24 hours. For the sixth consecutive year, the province has emerged as the murder region of South Africa with the highest murder…