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New talent for Chilli Boys

Former Buc Mayambela the pick of the lot CHIPPA United management were brimming with confidence yesterday after releasing the names of 10 new players signed for the coming Premier Soccer League season. Shortly after announcing the new crew, Chippa’s bosses said they were looking for…

  • User AvatarCharles Lumley I will take what the Weekend Post says with a pinch of salt from now on! Front page headline and the pictures show telephone terminal... – Bay on brink of power disaster
  • User AvatarJuan Para 3: "he he". – Mayweather stripped of title he won in Pacquiao fight
  • User AvatarSteven Agreed - the "death box" looks like a Telkom exchange box. R123m cut from the ONE area that is under the spotlight nationally as being... – Bay on brink of power disaster
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley This crime is HORRIFIC!!!! Poor Lady!!! I hope the EVIL thugs are apprehended! – Vicious attack on frail PE pensioner
  • User Avataralcan What type of animal deems it necessary to mete out this to a frail little old lady i hope the heathen are duly beaten by... – Vicious attack on frail PE pensioner
  • User AvatarMninawa I was working for the company called LN manufacturing in perseverance since the start of the new project in November last year which turned out... – Bay’s first black-owned engineering company
  • User AvatarPaul S The Weekend Post should take an expert or two along when they investigate, if PE still has experts available. The pics in the article are... – Bay on brink of power disaster
  • User Avataralcan Well i`m amazed this Bus Service only has 79000 commuters in a Metro of hundreds of thousands? there must be something seriously wrong with their... – Bus price hike hits today
  • User AvatarMichael What happens when it is the police who park on the disabled parking? Clamp a police car or tow it away??haha – Disabled parking gets hotline
  • User AvatarSteven I wonder how long it will take these ponds to become cesspools – Renovation work on beach pier stopped
  • User AvatarSteven Excellent - I hope this service operates well and makes people think twice about taking a parking they shouldn't. – Disabled parking gets hotline
  • Nostalgia taking over Twitter today

    Nostalgia is taking over Twitter today as users reminisce about all the things modern kids will know nothing about using the hashtag #Whatdolaaitiesknowabout. Here are some of our favourites: #WhatDoLaaitiesKnowAbout whistling 36 all day — Ryan Mitchell (@RMitchell410) July 7, 2015   #WhatDoLaaitiesKnowAbout 7…

    IRR: Instant messaging shows biggest growth among Net users
    Zuma races ahead in Twitter trending stakes