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Valuable victory for Madibaz at Kovsies

Valuable victory for Madibaz at Kovsies

THE NMMU Madibaz bounced back from defeat last week with a comfortable 4-0 victory over Kovsies in Bloemfontein last night. It was a valuable three points on the road for the Eastern Cape side, who handed Kovsies their first defeat at home this season to…

Bride & Groom July – Sept 2014

      Natalie Murphy married Ryan Coetzer at Running Waters in March. Picture: Heather Stevens.…

  • User AvatarCharles Lumley The writer of this letter is 100% correct! Port Elizabeth has lost pride in itself from the scruffy Donkin to the dilapidated pier! The problem... – Residents have let city decay
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley Every school or University or any institution has to have a set of rules! Otherwise everything would be chaos!When you enrol your child at an... – Readers' views via SMS
  • User Avatardallas Oesterlein PE is not dead you know. why does everyone think we are off the map. it is insulting to the people who live here. we... – Award makes hard work worth it
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley "Do unto others as you would want them to do to you". I am not even religious but I know that if you just do... – Many angry at campus slurs
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley Life is very cheap in South Africa! R2000 bail for four lives???? They should have remained behind bars! – Taxi drivers in fatal crash granted bail
  • User Avatardallas Oesterlein if a "whitey" make these types of comments then it is racsism but it another "colour" does then it is acceptable. Dallas – Many angry at campus slurs
  • User Avatardallas Oesterlein i agree. we can never go forward in this world as long as remarks against race , creed and religeon and gender and sexaul preferences... – Racist remarks offend
  • User Avatardallas Oesterlein this is disgusting. they should have been denied bail. the bail is way to little aswell, it averages out to be R500 per person killed.... – Taxi drivers in fatal crash granted bail
  • User Avatardallas Oesterlein what a mess. the policeman did not have the right to put his hand in the window and remove the car key. the whole incident... – Jeffreys Bay man sues over arrest, assault
  • User Avatardallas Oesterlein well done. very proud of you.this is a very positive thing to do and will have untold ripple affects some known and unknown in the... – Music men bring happiness to budding young musicians
  • User AvatarCharles Lumley If I was earning R16000 a week I would n't go on strike! R64000 a month!!!! I would n't know what to do with such... – Fans vow to desert soapie
  • Addo residents march against crime

    THOUSANDS of people took to the streets of Addo yesterday to march against  out-of- control  crime in the area. Residents also complained that the rape of dogs in the area was rife. The march started at the Valencia Community Hall and ended at the Addo…